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The couple, in 1979, had a daughter, Geethali Nora Jones Shankar, better known as Norah Jones.

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The divorce rate for christian couples who daily pray together is less than one percent! Why do smart, beautiful, Christian girls take the immediate rather than wait for someone worthy of them? : Hearing from Heaven about That Man in Your Life ~ Relationship Advice for Single Christian Women ~ For a free sample click this link: ~ #singles {"user Extra Data":{"autologin":null},"initial Page Context":{"PAGE_LOAD_REQUEST_IDENTIFIER":"560435919760","report Browser Resource Timings":true,"report Page Load Timings":true,"pinterest RID":"560435919760","report Interaction Timings":false,"report Periodic Resource Timings":true},"initial Page Info":{"meta":{"al:android:app_name":"Pinterest","al:android:package":"com.pinterest","al:android:url":"pinterest:\/\/pin\/346847608772023593","al:ios:app_name":"Pinterest","al:ios:app_store_id":"429047995","al:ios:url":"pinterest:\/\/pin\/346847608772023593","description":"Devotions For Dating Couples - Christian Books for .79 | C28| See more about Dating, Couple and Christian.","og:description":"Devotions For Dating Couples - Christian Books for .79 |","og:image":"https:\/\/\/736x\/45\/b1\/3c\/45b13c3496c13fb5b753d8fad00185b4.jpg","og:image:height":"372","og:image:width":"250","og:see_also":"

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